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Dennis Kenney

Founder & Creative Director

Dennis Kenney has been unleashing his inner diva since his early days growing up in the Boston area.  Whether he was knocking the wind out of competitors on the ice rink or ripping through a Shakespearean monologue onstage…he was always FULL OUT.  He remembers rolling up his denim jeans with low top Converse Chucks and finishing the look with a thick colored sock in 5th grade.  WIth no apologies he went to school, and if somebody had something to say, he simply kept on walking. Only to see those same classmates pulling off that same look soon thereafter.  Coincidence? Please. Several weeks after debuting that look, he booked his first national television commercial..…for CONVERSE.  And the rest was history.

Dennis currently resides in New York City. A distinguished actor and entrepreneur, he splits his time between NYC, Los Angeles, Boston and Florida. His style has influences from both classic and urban backgrounds.   He believes one should always dress to impress and unapologetically exude confidence in all facets of life.

From the biggest stages of Theater, TV and LIFE itself, he has never shied away from the Spotlight.   And pushed through the fear of being Full out and FEARLESS!  It is now the time to take the next step and invite you all to come along his journey and STYLE With Den.